Town Hall / Pavilion Rental

DUE TO THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK - The hall and pavilion will not be available for rental until August 1, 2020.    Hall and Pavilion Rentals will be limited to one rental per week/weekend.

Please read the following additional rules before requesting to rent town facilities:

Addendum to Rental Agreement for Town of Center Municipal Facilities

  1. The renter understands these additional terms are required as an addition for renting and utilizing Town property and facilities.
  2. The renter agrees to notify their guests of the attached Warning Notice prior to attending their event.  Warning_Waiver_ and_Release Town Facilities
  3. The sanitization of the rented facilities will be the responsibility of the renter. The renter may sanitize the building to whatever extent they see appropriate.  Access to the Town Hall prior to the event will be coordinated with the Clerk-Treasurer.
  4. The Town will not be providing any cookware or utensils. The renter will need to provide their own cookware and utensils.
  5. The Town is not responsible for sanitizing the property or facilities that will be used by the renter. Sanitation is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the renter
  6. The undersigned renter agrees to these terms and the Warning Notice attached.

If you wish to reserve the Town Hall or Park Shelter, you need to verify availability by contacting the Town Hall at 731-7229.

The reservation form must be completed, along with payment and security deposit, and submitted to the Town Hall, N3990 State Road 47, Appleton WI 54913. The reservation form is available under Forms & Permits on this website or from the Town Clerk.

Reservations will not be final until payment and deposit are received.

Rental of facilities is limited to residents of the Town of Center.