New Town Ordinance Approved Prohibiting the Use of Compression Brakes

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town Board of the Town of Center enacted revisions to the code of ordinances entitled “Town of Center Code of Ordinances” on Monday, March 13, 2017. This code revision pertains to the Town of Center creating Chapter 3.07 Entitled Compression Brake Restrictions.  The purpose of this ordinance is to prohibit the use of motor vehicle brakes which are activated or operated by the compression of the engine of a motor vehicle that disturbs the public peace and quiet on certain roads in the Town, except in emergency situations.  The locations requiring the imposition of this ordinance include the following locations which are the only locations at which this ordinance applies as of the time of adoption: County Highways A, JJ, O, PP & S, State Highway 47 and Town Roads – Rock & Center Valley.

Compression Brakes Ordinance 3.07